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Fishing for salmon in Alaska? Trekking
through the Rockies? You may need a little
more than pepper spray. Don’t get ripped to
shreds or worse on your next adventure. Bears
and other big animals are fast and dangerous and
very difficult to take down even with the right ammunition. Stock up with Bear Grade defense
loads for your firearm so if the time comes, you can
turn the tide against your four-legged aggressor.

These aren’t varmints we’re talking about, so
ProGrade has selected appropriate Wide Flat Nose Gas
Check Hardcase bullets to give you the bone-crushing, deep penetrating, low deflection rounds you will need
should you happen to cross paths with a large unfriendly
bear. Choose from field-favorite Nosler Ballistic Tips and Hornady V-Max bullets. And, what would a varmint line
be without a classic Varmin-ATor bullet from Barnes. Its
copper-jacketed, lead-core, hollow-point bullet is augmented by its Denton-A-Tor core delivering a flat trajectory and extreme accuracy to hit
small targets at long ranges.

Bear Grade Amunnition

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