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We hope to never face that heartpounding
situation where we are called upon to protect
ourselves or those closest to us, but should
that time present itself, our choice of handgun
and ammunition is critical. If ever placed in this
position, we know you will want … no, need … the
very best. ProGrade’s Defense Grade ammunition
will live up to the test.

Our Defense Grade loads have been specifically
engineered for accuracy, consistent expansion and
proven penetration, feed, and loaded with the care of a
shooter in mind. The Defense Grade line features the
Hornady XTP, Barnes TAC-XP, and Nosler jacketed hollow
point bullets. With its heavier jacket, the Hornady XTP
expands at a controlled rate over a wide range of
velocities, making it an ideal choice in a variety of defense situations. The Barnes TAC-XP is a lead-free defensive round which maintains its original weight
even after having been fired through plywood, glass
and even car doors. The Defense Grade line also
features Nosler jacketed hollow point bullets, which delivers shot-after shot accurate performance
and proven reliability.

Defense Ammunition Grade

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