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Get the most from your handgun in the field
with specially chosen rounds for a pistol. Try
the Wide Flat Nose Gas Check Hardcase rounds
with their nice flat nose if you want to blow a clean
hole in something, or the Barnes XPB if you’re
looking for an expanding round. The Hornady XTP’s thicker jacket and controlled expansion offers some unrivaled killer stopping power for handguns as well.

No matter what you choose, you can have the
confidence that rounds in the Hunter Grade line-up
will give you outstanding accuracy and reliable expansion all with the bone-crushing power you will need in the field. ProGrade has worked diligently to bring you a Hunter Grade line of ammunition that will please any hunter. Looking through this lineup of rounds for
handgun and rifle use, you will find only the best — Barnes, Nosler, Hornady and Woodleigh — among them.

andgun Grade Ammunition

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