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If taking down the Big Five is on your
hunting bucket list, you’ll need ammunition
you can trust for this dangerous hunt of a
lifetime. Ammunition with the tightest tolerance
in the industry will give you peace of mind when
your moment of truth finally arrives. With ProGrade
Safari Grade you’ll be ready to prove that when it’s
man vs. wild animal – you’ll come out on top
every time.

Be ready to send a high-grain load into the chest of a
Cape buffalo, loin or leapord with Safari Grade
ammunition, which offers everything from 30-06 to .500
Nitro Express. The line includes what you’ll need for in-
field shooting from plains game to dangerous game.
With the Safari Grade line-up of rounds which feature
Barnes X, Banded Solids and Woodleigh Weldcore,
you’ll be ready when the shot of a lifetime presents
itself. Now all you’ll have to do is line up
the taxidermist.


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