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For the law enforcement officer working to
protect and serve, ProGrade’s Tactical Grade
ammunition promises exceptional quality and
performance. Hand loaded with superior
components, our Tactical Grade rounds have
been designed to deliver the deadly accuracy and
exceptional reliability needed when faced with
extreme situations.

Each tactical maneuver in a critical moment is
on accomplishing one key objective … to move the
situation toward a desired end or at the very least to
gain a temporary advantage. With this goal in mind, our
Tactical Grade lineup features premium bullets including
the Barnes TAC-X, Lapua Scenar, and Sierra MatchKing.

So, whether you are Law Enforcement, S.W.A.T., or
another tactical operator getting ready to kick down
doors, or geared up to protect and serve, load up
with Tactical Grade ammunition by ProGrade.

Tactical Ammunition Grade

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