We understand that hunters, competition shooters, sportsmen, and members of the law enforcement community pay close attention to every detail – from the selection of their firearm, shooting accessories, clothing… to every aspect of their shooting experience. We understand you select your gear to match each specific circumstance and environment. We also understand this is true when it comes to your choice in ammunition. It is for you that we tailor our ammunition products to fit your specific needs. ProGrade Ammunition™ – for the hunter, the officer, and the shooting enthusiast who demand only the best.

ProGrade has mastered the true science of ammunition manufacturing. The key to our full line of premium quality ammunition products lies in our attention to detail, the dedication of our people, and the practice of our custom loading processes. With each round hand loaded here in the United States, ProGrade adheres to strict quality standards and loads its ammunition to the tightest tolerances in the industry. It is this attention to detail that ensures shot-to-shot consistency and guarantees the highest levels of safety, accuracy, reliability and overall performance.

Because you carefully select your ammunition to fit your specific shooting experience – we’ve taken the step of simplifying that selection process. With more than 250 variations in our complete line of pistol and rifle ammunition, ProGrade has created nine grades of product for shooters of every caliber. Whether you’re a big game hunter, in law enforcement or are a competitive shooter, you all have one thing in common – you want each shot to be the best possible. ProGrade works to customize the right ammunition for you. Each grade features the latest ballistic technology to deliver that perfect shot.