Developed by hunters for hunters, the ProGrade team was very specific about what they wanted to include in our Hunter Grade
lineup. You’ll find the Barnes’ Triple Shock X (TSX) bullet among the group, which has for nearly a decade been hailed as an excellent hunting bullet. Building on this product’s success, Barnes added a streamlined polymer tip, to create the Tipped Triple Shock X (TTSX) and Long Range X (LRX) bullets, which boost ballistic coefficient (BC) and helps improve long-range ballistics. Lead-free and with 100 percent weight retention and four razor-sharp cutting petals that double bullet diameter, the rounds deliver clean and quick kills.

Another ProGrade favorite in the Hunter Grade line for rifles are the Nosler AccuBond rounds, tough bonded bullets that offer reliable expansion at short or long range, giving you high BC for true flight. The highly preferred Woodleigh rounds have also been included in the grade. Known for their gilding metal jacket, the bullets are specifically profiled internally for optimum jacket wall taper giving the bullet a reliable controlled expansion at a wide range of velocities.